A Rosyidi, S Budhiharta, W Asmara, D Yudhabuntara


The Objective of this study was to identify the existence of Campylobacter jejuni based on  phenotypic and genotypic characteristic in local chicken and chicken meats. Samples of local chicken  intestine and meat were tested  for the bacterial existence. Phenotypic examination was carried out by means of cultivation followed  by gram staining and biochemical tests. Genotypic examination was conducted by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using genus specific16S rRNA gene at 816 bp  and membrane-associated protein A (mapA) gene  at 589 bp as Campylobacter jejuni species-specific gene. The result of phenotypic detection revealed the  existence of  Campylobacter spp as  gram negative, curved rod shape, oxidase positive,  urease negative and motile. Genotypic examination also indicated the existence of  bacteria using both primers. However, no Campylobacter jejuni detected from meat of the chickens. The results suggest that the method of PCR using a primer  detecting species-specific gene of Campylobacter jejuni gives a rapid and accurate detection of the bacteria as compared to that using phenotypic and biochemical test. Identification of Campylobacter spp from chicken meats  should be improved with enrichment method and sample collection. (Animal Production 12(2): 128-134 (2010)

Key Words: Campylobacter jejuni, mapA gene, local chicken

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