Slamet Heri Kiswanto, Muhammad Baihaqi, Iwan Prihantoro


The objective of this research was to analyze the effect of coat color on behavior and itineraries of kacang goat during grazing time. This research used 9 females and 3 males kacang goat. Behavior observed by one zero sampling method and analyzed using t-Test at level 5%. The result indicated that ingestion and browsing of brown goat (30.91±2.87%; 8.75±3.10%) higher than black goat (28.57±2.69%; 6.07±4.78%), while black goat showed more locomotion (33.26±4.50%) than brown goat (29.70±4.63%). Grazing, panting, and resting behaviors, and distance traveled of black goat (22.56±2.63%; 4.48±4.02%; 2.34±2.97%; 483.48±133.16 m) were not different with brown goat (22.16±2.90%; 4.59±3.71%; 2.64±1.52%; 392.29±81.19 m). Result also  indicated that goat showed more grazing than browsing with high preference in you ng grass than old grass,  legume, and weed.

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