Bambang Hartoyo, Ning Iriyanti, Efka Aris Rimbawanto


This research was aimed to imporve of broiler chiken performance and reduce the blood, meat and liver cholesterol levels.  This research used 100 female broilers MB 200 Platinum DOC which were reared for 5 weeks at battery-postal cages. The treatments were R0= control/ 0% fermeherbafit; R1= used 2% fermeherbafit;  R2= used 4% fermeherbafit; R3= used 6% fermeherbafit. The experimental design was carried out using a complete randomized design. Data were analyzed by analysis of variance (ANOVA). The results showed that the use fermeherbafit did not showed any significant differences (P>0.05) in feed consumption, absolute growth, relative growth and carcas percentage. However, it showed  significant differences (P<0.05) in blood and breast meat cholesterols. The average for Performance (feed consumption by 3268.775±293.421 g/bird; absolute growth by 1684.92±126.12; relative growth by 0.3682±0.0019; carcas percentage by 74.61± 1.12%).  Blood cholesterol  89.20+12.76 mg/dl (R3) up to 111.80+17.02 mg/dl (R0); Breast meat cholesterol 150.03+11.64 mg/g (R3) up to 174.88+8.53 mg/g (R0); Leg meat cholesterol 173.00+7.21 (R1) up to 152.15+17.83 mg/g (R3); Liver cholesterol 83.37+31.01  mg/g (R0) up to 102.75+1.68 mg/g (R3). Conclusion of this research was that the Fermeherbafit could be used in broiler feed up to 6% which could reduce blood and breast meat cholesterols.



Keywords: performance, cholesterol, fermeherbafit

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