Consumer Preferences Towards Broiler Chicken Supplemented With Nanoencapsulated Liquid Turmeric Extract in Drinking Water

Muhammad Hidayat, Zuprizal Zuprizal, Sundari Sundari, Andri Kusmayadi, Ari Kusuma Wati


The purpose of this research was to investigate the effects of nanoencapsulation liquid turmeric extract (NLTE) supplementation as a phytobiotic on organoleptic quality of broiler chicken meat. The research was conducted with a directional pattern completely randomized design. Eighty-four broiler chickens were raised from day old (DOC) to 42 days old chick. From DOC to 14 days old, chicks were fed with commercial feed (ME 3,100 kcal/kg; CP 22%; Ca 1%; P 0.75%). During 15-21 days of age, chicks were given a mixture commercial feed and basalt feed (ME 3,201.77 kcal/kg; CP 20.21%; Ca 0.90%; and P 0.43%). At 22-42 days old, they were given treatments by basal feeding. Seven treatments were replicated 3 times consisted of 4 broiler chickens for each replication. The treatments were positive control (P1), negative control (P2), water + NLTE 2% (P3), water + NLTE 4% (P4), water + NLTE 6% (P5), water + NLTE 8% (P6), and water + NLTE 10% (P7). The results showed that supplementation NLTE significantly increased (P<0.05) the taste of broiler meat. However, it did not show a significant influence (P>0.05) on the texture, colour, tenderness, and preference of meat.


nanoencapsulation, liquid turmeric extract, organoleptic, broiler meat

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