Cattle Farmers' Participation in Rural Development Program in Bantul Yogyakarta

Budi Guntoro, Anang Febri Prasetyo, Endang Sulastri


The purpose of this study to determine the level of participation, identify the factors that influence the participation of farmers and to analysis the effect of participation in the Scholars develop village or Sarjana Membangun Desa (SMD) program. The research was conducted on a group of beef cattle in the SMD program Bantul Yogyakarta Province. Primary data were collected by survey method using questionnaire interviews on 8 SMD groups consisting of 42 members. Analysis of the level of participation of farmers using discriptive analysis, while to analysis factors that affect the participation of farmers and the influence of participation to the success of the program was used multiple linear regression analysis with SPSS tools for windows 16. The result analysis shows that farmers level participation in planning, 71.43% farmers had low participation; 59.52% farmers in the implementation stage had participation that was middle level. On stage of evaluation 54.76% farmers had low participation and in stage sharing benefits 50% farmers had low participation. Success of the program SMD viewed from population cattle declined from 184 head to 107 head, while the existing capital in the group also decreased from IDR 2.904.000.000 to IDR seen from number of members group declined from 185 farmers being 114 farmers. Regression analysis showed that age, occupation, level of formal education, non-formal education, long became members of the group, farming experience, family income, number of dependents, land holdings, cosmopolitan, group motivation, the role of SMD, and the role of agency participation of farmers had not been able to explain the participation of farmers and the value of R2 value of 0.132 (13.2%). Partially no factor capable of affecting farmers participation. Further results of the regression analysis with the participation of relationship success SMD program showed no effect with R2 value of 0.01.

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