A Wahyudi, MN Cahyanto, M Soejono, Z Bachruddin


Isolation and selection of lignocellulose-degrading fungi from compartment of herbivore’s gastrointestinal tract were predicted found fungi that have superiority to degrade lignin, xylan, and cellulose. Lignocellulose-degrading fungi were isolated from compartment of buffalo’s and horse’s gastrointestinal tract and  also elephant dung with malt extract agar, using cellulose, xylan, and tannic acid as selective substrate. Morphological and biochemical test had been done to get superior isolates. This study showed that lignocellulose-degrading fungi could be found in all sample of buffalo’s and horse’s gastrointestinal tract and also elephant dung. The highest number of lignin, xylan and cellulose-degrading isolates respectively were found from buffalo’s cecum (5 isolates), buffalo’s colon (19 isolates), and buffalo’s colon (326 isolates). The highest isolates activity of lignolytic, xylanolytic, and cellulolytic respectively were reached from horse’s cecum (2.38), horse's cecum (6.67), and buffalo’s colon (5.60). Meanwhile the highest enzymes activities were reached from horse’s cecum (0.166 Unit/g protein), horse’s cecum (5.037 Unit/g protein) and buffalo’s colon (2.488 Unit/g protein). From this study could be concluded that lignocellulose-degrading fungi could be found from all compartment of herbivore’s gastrointestinal tract. Based on quantitative and qualitative selection, lignolytic from horse’s cecum, xylanolytic from horse’s cecum and cellulolytic from buffalo’s colon were superior isolates and predicted as Aspergillus sp genus. Administratiton of Aspergilillus sp inoculum into rumen fluid medium elevated significantly dry matter, organic matter,  crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber, and acid detergent fiber digestibility as 4.55%; 4.45%; 6.69%; 11.65% and 8.23% respectively. (Animal Production 12(1): 21-28 (2010)

Key Words : lignocellulose-degrading fungi, herbivore’s gastrointestinal tract, fiber degradation.

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