Adriani Adriani, B Rosadi, Depison Depison


Twenty cattles were used in this experiment to determine the  quantity and  quality of embryo after injected FSH (follicle stimulating hormone ) and  PMSG (pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin) in Brahman Cross Cattle. The experiment was assigned into Completely Randomized Design with 5 treatments and 4 replications. The treatments were T1 = 4 mg of FSH twice a day intra-ovary decreased doses, T2 = 8 mg of FSH twice a day intra-ovary decreased doses, T3 = 300 IU of PMSG single dose intra-ovary, T4 = 600 IU of PMSG single dose intra-ovary, T5 = 40 mg of FSH twice a day intramuscular decreased doses. Trial cattle were oestrus synchronized using 15 mg of PGF2α that gave twice at 11-daily intervals. One day after giving FSH and PMSG was detected the cattle’s oestrus. Washing uterus  was done at day 7 after AI using mixture of PBS, FCS and streptomicyn. Data observed were cow performances, embryo quantity and embryo quality. Results of experiment showed that 19 cattle (95%) responded oestrus synchronized treatment and super ovulation, whereas 1 cattle (5%) did not respond oestrus synchronized treatment and super ovulation. Generally, cattle showed oestrus at 2 – 3 days after giving PGF2α. Eleven cattle (57,90%)  showed oestrus at 2 days after giving PGF2α whereas the others (8 cattle, 42,10%) showed oestrus 3 days giving PGF2α. The treatment of giving FSH and PMSG could increase (P<0,05) embryo. T5 was highest  compared the others ( T1, T2, T3 and T4), while T2 and T4 were higher than T1 and T3. Produced total embryo was 82 with average 4,3 ± 5,67 using FSH and PMSG. 8 embryo (9,76%), 9 embryos (10,90), 20  embryo (24,40%), 16 embryo (19,50%) and  29 embryos (35,40%) were grade A, B, C, D and E respectively. It is concluded that giving of 40 mg  FSH  intramusculer produce the best embryo donor whereas  and giving  of FSH 8 mg intraovari was the best effeciency. (Animal Production 11(2): 96-102 (2009)


Key Words : Brahman Cross Cattle, embryo, PGF2α PMSG, FSH

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